Retail Outlet

Retail Outlets allows businesses to accept cash payments easily over the counter in retail chain outlets. This is a popular payment method due to cash still being a predominant form of payment used in Indonesia.

Benefits of using Xfers Retail Outlet

  1. Allows you to reach more customers, especially those who are unbanked
  2. Provide the convenience of cash payments to your customers
  3. You will be notified of the payment response almost instantaneously when your customer has made the payment.

Available Outlets

Store Name

Retail Outlet Name













Payment Limits

Minimum Amount (IDR)

Maximum Amount (IDR)

Retail Outlet Name







Payment Availability

Retail Outlets are available throughout the day. However, it also depends on the store's operational hours. In big cities, some stores are open 24 hours, some others usually open only between 7am to 10pm.

Payment responses are typically fast. However, if the customer has made a payment but the retail outlet hasn't notified us, there may be a delay of up to a day.

Payment Notifications

When using retail outlets as a payment method, please note that this will require further customer action to complete the payment. Customers will be required to make the payment over the counter in the selected retail stores.

  • Delayed (Asynchronous): Retail Outlet payments have delayed notification and cannot guarantee payment during the delay. The status of the Payment object will be pending until the payment is either successful or failed. It’s common for businesses to hold an order in a “pending” state during this time, not fulfilling the order until the payment is successful.
  • Expiry time : Retail Outlet payments have expiry time. The status of the Payment object will be expired when payment hasn't been made by the customer before it expired.

For payment methods that require customer action, we recommend setting up callbacks so that you can be notified whether a payment has succeeded or not.


Please note that refunds are not available for retail outlet payment methods at this moment.

Creating a Payment with Retail Outlet Payment Method

See Create a Payment to learn how to create a Payment Method so that you can start receiving payments.

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