Payment Link via Dashboard

Payment Link via Dashboard Flow

1. Create a Payment Link

To start accepting payments on your website, app or platform, you will need to create a Payment Link object that will help capture the payments made by your customers.

You'll be required to manually input some fields in order to create the Payment Link. Xfers will try to provide all available payment methods for your customer on the payment page. Below, you'll be able to see an example of a Payment Link creation via dashboard.

2. Save your Payment Link as Draft and review it later.

If you don't want to send the Payment Link to your customer directly or you need for your supervisor to double check first then you can try to save the Payment Link as draft.

You can review the Payment Link again later and make some changes before send it to your customer. You can also delete the draft Payment Link if your customer cancel the order.

Saving Payment Link as draftSaving Payment Link as draft

Saving Payment Link as draft

Reviewing a draft Payment LinkReviewing a draft Payment Link

Reviewing a draft Payment Link

3. Show payment instructions to your customers if any.

You will receive an url that show all available payment methods and payment instruction for your customer to make the payment. Xfres will also send the url information to your customer's email. This is a sample url you will get.

4. Xfers will notify you when payment has been made successfully.

Some payment methods will require additional actions to be performed by your end-customers. Once a payment has been made successfully, we will notify you with an email. The payment link's status will now be paid.

Once the customer successfully make the payment, Xfers will also send email notification to your customer. You may now fulfill your customer's order.

5. Xfers will update the Payment Link's status when funds have been made available for you to withdraw or transfer.

In most cases, funds may not be immediately available for withdrawal or transfer. Xfers will change the Payment Link's status when funds have been made available on Xfers dashboard. The payment's status will then be set to completed.

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