Sending Payouts

Learn how to send funds fuss-free and automatically on your platform with Xfers.


Before you begin:

Make sure that you have an Xfers business account with API keys generated .
Go to Getting Started learn how to setup your business account.

Overview of Send Payouts


Sending Payouts

Sending payouts via Xfers allows you to perform digital fund transfers. Xfers currently supports fund transfers to bank accounts, with other methods of fund disbursements coming!

Before you can send out funds, you will need to make sure that there are sufficient funds in your account for disbursements to be possible. To do that, deposit funds to your Xfers account.

Deposit to your Xfers Account

  1. Head over to the Xfers Dashboard to start a deposit flow.
  2. Follow the instructions and make a fund transfer to make a deposit to your Xfers account.
  3. Check that the funds have been successfully deposited by checking the balance of your account.
  4. You should also be able to see this deposit made in your Transactions Overview.

Use Payout APIs to automate the disbursement of funds

To send out funds, call the Create Disbursement API.
See the next section to learn how to do this with the Payout API.

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