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PayNow QR

Accept payments easily via PayNow without the hassle of manual reconciliation. PayNow is the most widely used alternative form of payment method in Singapore which relies on the Unique Entity Number (UEN) of a company instead of relying on lengthy bank account numbers.

The key difference between Xfers' PayNow solution is that instead of using the same QR code for all your customers, your customers can simply scan a unique QR code that is generated by Xfers for faster checkout without filling in ANY additional details, whether the amount, or a reference code.

Your customer also doesn't need to manually send you a screenshot or inform you of the payment because we will do that for you.

Benefits of using Xfers PayNow

  1. Unique QR code for each invoice, instead of sticking to the single PayNow Corporate QR code that was retrieved from your bank
  2. Save time and effort of having to manually reconcile PayNow payments
    3, Enhanced user experience
  3. You will be notified of the payment response almost instantaneously when your customer has made the payment.

Supported Banks Apps / E-Wallets:

  1. POSB digibank mobile
  2. DBS digibank mobile
  3. DBS PayLah!
  4. Google Pay (SG)
  5. HSBC SG
  6. Maybank2u SG
  7. OCBC Pay Anyone™️
  8. SC Mobile Singapore
  9. UOB Mighty
  10. Citi Mobile® / Citbank SG
  11. Bank of China
  12. ICBC

Payment Limits

Maximum Amount (SGD)


Payment Availability

Available throughout the day.

We do not expect any delays unless a customer changes the reference code embedded in the QR code by brute force. In that case, we will need reach out to you to resolve the payment.

Payment Notifications

When using virtual accounts as a payment method, please note that this will require further customer action to complete the payment. Customers will be required to make the funds transfer through their bank’s online service, or an ATM.

  • Delayed (Asynchronous): PayNow payments have delayed notification and cannot guarantee payment during the delay. The status of the Payment object will be pending until the payment is either successful or failed. It’s common for businesses to hold an order in a “pending” state during this time, not fulfilling the order until the payment is successful.

For payment methods that require customer action, we recommend setting up callbacks so that you can be notified whether a payment has succeeded or not.


Please note that refunds are not available for bank transfer payment methods at this moment.

Cancelling a QR code

It is currently not possible to cancel a QR code that has already been generated. You are able to set the expiry of the QR code before generation. Default expiry time of all generated QR codes is fixed as 5 minutes.

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PayNow QR

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